Friday, November 03, 2006

Unity Halloween Special

By St Benedict and all that is holy,the demons were in tonight. Three powerful death metal bands to make your ears bleed and reduce your insides to a quivering mess as if you'd been struck down by the US armys sonic attack force. Here's a few of you who managed to keep controls of your bowels despite the audio visual onslaught.
First on stage with a strange tactic of each drinking six pints before they even considered picking up an instrument were Cell69. Not a long set but very popular with the crowd.
Get thee behind me Satan, it's those Switch Theory boys complete with wrestling side show in front of the stage. I mentioned that they had a girl bassist in the preview. In fact she is now with child and retired to perform domestic duties which is hardly rock and roll and we protest. We will remember her fondly. I only hope she doesn't scare the new baby with her make up.
Finally send in the exorcist, Sever the Wicked severed an E string on the geetar. The devils work is at hand. Cue stand up comedy routine while geetars were exchanged.

OK God willing we'll be back to normal next week, that is if our ears stop bleeding and the ringing goes away.

Rock on dudes

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