Friday, September 29, 2006

Beatles Stones and Elvis Night

Freinds on Thursday 21st December Unity is running a Charity Evening on behalf of St Theresas.

The plan is to have a fun evening of Beatle Stones and Elvis, where we play the songs live. This is where you all come in. We are inviting you to choose your favourite Beatles, Rolling Stones or Elvis song and play it live on stage. Each act will perform one (or two )song(s), so we're planning on a quick turnaround of personel.

Obviously we can't hope that every member of every band can make it that night so solo artists, bands and some of bands are all welcome.
With the amount of people involved there will be one standard drum kit available for your use. The Unity Bass guitar will be available and a selection of guitars, although you may bring your own instruments.

If you are interested in taking part in this unique event please submit your chosen Beatles, Stones or Elvis song to our office. But be quick your favourite song might be already bagged. As people send in their choices a list will be posted on Unity Rocks
so you can easily see who's going to do what and if your choice has already been taken. It will be regularly updated as and when songs are submitted.

St Theresas has been a favourite and worthwhile cause of Unity for many years. With decreased funding they need our/your help more than ever. We hope you'll join us to support them, and have a lot of fun in the meantime.

Now choose your song and get rehearsing.

Peace Love and Unity

The Unity Team
Andrew Tasha Richard and Mike

Below is a list of those who want to take part (so far):

Yello Snow................No songs chosen yet

Loose baby Charlotte......Sympathy for the Devil (Stones)

Point of Origin...........No Songs chosen yet

Rich & Chopper............No Songs chosen yet

Sacred Heart..............No Songs chosen yet

John Litchfield.......... Patch it up(Elvis) & Suspicious minds (Elvis)

Rory Kelly & Mike Da Hat..Angie (stones) & Norwegian Wood (Beatles)

Julian Stone ....... Love me Tender (Elvis)

Remember people we can't have 20 acts all doing the same song so first come first served in choosing the song you'd like to perform. Check here to see if anyone has already taken it. Cheers.

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