Thursday, September 07, 2006

What's on this week

Greetings flurries of happy summer non-snow!
Another late mailout - anyone would think I'm a dirty stinking hippy.... :)
Without further ado lets have a look what's on this week.,


Wednesday is time for Pixie Folke at Lisboa (24 Lincoln Road) with the folk jam and open mic session hosted by James Chadwick as well. Entrance is free and the door times are 8pm till late.


Unity @ Lisboa this week has a seriously kick-ass line-up to present - Columbian Necktie (quirky and weird powerpop type stuff) The Jack Brown & The Dead Man's Orchestra (countryfied grooves and cheerful chucklings) and John Litchfield (tequila soaked acoustic music). The Unity Jam session is in full effect from 8pm onwards and entrance is £2 or £1 to Muddy members. You can download a membership form from and pay on the door if you like (£5 for a year).

Around the corner in the Park the Vortex/Diesel City Promotions are bringing the city this months Ptown Showcase night. The line-up features the last ever gig of metal princes Soretooth - who will be sorely (no pun intended....honest) missed after their extraction from our city's scene. In support will be Quint and The First. Doors open at 8:30 and entrance will cost you £3 or £2.50 with a flyer.


I don't know of anything going on in the boro - quiet night in....?


Peterborough's Point of Origin have been invited to Cambridge's Portland Arms by the fantabulous Mr Zed (Wales reunion anyone??). Also on the bill will be the very obscure Loki 23 Coyote (not to be confused with Peterborough's techno genius Loki 23 - despite the very similar name). If anyone is up for the journey and needs a lift, or even better if you would like to drive and have spaces, please mail Shaggy at

For those returning from Cambridge (and for those who never left) the party of the night is going on at Lisboa, where the Playskool Sound Collective are bringing a night of psy-trance, breaks, house, d&b and harcore to pleasure you through the night (doors 9pm till 5am). Entrance will only set you back £3 so there's no excuse for not having it large with cheese on top :)


Deep Roots/Unity acoustic is still going strong at Lisboa from 6pm on Sundays - with a free BBQ supplied by Lois and Monica (Lisboa management) to fill your bellies and prepare you for the quality music ahead of you. Entrance is free.

...and finally....

Two HUUUGE weekends ahead - the official opening of the Glass Onion Music and Arts Centre next weekend and the Grassroots Equinox Party the weekend after! Hooray.

Till next week - peace love unity and respect.

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