Friday, September 15, 2006

Thursday 14th September 2006

Due to technical difficulties, i.e our left hand didn't know what our right hand was doing, Sacred Heart didn't play as advertised.Nor did Irene Rae but she had a proper excuse. So this week we had an extended jam session. Led by the fabulous Rion Zion of Silverspace and the silver tongued Richard. You know it was so good that people would pay good money just to hear a jam session of that quality without realising it was a jam session at all. Actually some of you did pay good money (ablbeit a paltry sum of £2) which reminds me does anyone want a job? We pay top dollar, for right joe, an we love you long time. Shaggy needs help fleecing the punters... er.. I mean collecting the door money. We will pay two pints of the finest polish lager to anyone who wants to help. But it's not the money is it? No sirree Bob. It's the thrill of being part of the team. Your social standing will go through the roof. Win friends, influence people, score with the opposite sex the sky is the limit. All the lovely people will admire you. Talking of lovely people here you are...
Here he comes to save the day. Our very good friend Corneilius. Fresh from saving the world from itself, with his own brand of protest humour. It's been a long time since Wake played Unity. They been busy little beavers writing new songs to entertain you and getting ready to record their new Extended Player, which is going to happen soon. You may have noticed a slight lack of colour this week in the photos. That's because Ross of Wake fancied the black and white approach. He's getting all classical and mysterious. Anyway we thought we'd try taking ALL* the pictures in B&W this week in his honour.
..and there's a few more of the loyal fans.

Until next time ... er... rock on dudes

*except for the one shot of Rion Zion

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