Friday, September 08, 2006

Unity really does rock!

There's always lessons to be learnt everyday. Everyday is a learning experience. So it might be worth noting that all you bands out there could do worse than learn from our new friends Jack Brown and The Dead mans Orchestra. I don't mean learn to play because there's some serious talent in the boro. But self promotion. Right from the second Unity gave them the nod that their gig was confirmed, the Dead men went into overdrive publicity wise. Flyers, mailshots, bulletins you name it.A lot of you guys in the audience were the result of all this promotion. So here you all are. By the way did you notice last night there was a partial eclipse of the moon? You didn't? Good job I took a photo to show you.
So first we have the impossibly tall and entertaining John Litchfield. The guy in the photo montage who isn't John is in fact the fabulous "Captain Slaptastic".
Below we have Jack Brown and The Dead Mans Orchestra. This being their incredibly successful debut gig, and they've already got the photo on the front of the kick drum. Jack tells me they are loking for a second guitarist to fill in their sound a bit. So if you fancy being a Dead Man give them a call.
Finally on our stage tonight. Columbian Necktie who are increasingly good and are rapidly finding a band of loyal supporters. Their website claims them to be "three guys having fun and making a noise". Well it seems a lot of you are appreciating that brand of "noise".

and finally

Friday Night will not be totally quiet.....
Evil Macaroni + Vanilla Pod + Cotton Weary + Radicus.
Upstairs at The Park
Doors open at 8pm.

This is the mighty Evil Macaroni's last ever gig....if you've never run into them before rest assured they are one of the finest punk bands ever to grace the UK's shores - this could get emotional. I'm filling up already.

Entrance is a well deserved £7.

Rock on dudes

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