Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thursday 21st September 2006

Greetings Hedonists and lovers of life. I'm back in the Unity office just a little bit shaken from a health scare. What that exactly means is unlike you young dudes I can no longer persue my life with the abandon of a 20 year old. So no more Ket for me, no more coke, H, speed, weed or any other form of artificial stimulants, no more crawling into bed at stupid oclock after comsuming far to much Jack Daniels. I'm going to leave that to all you lovely people if that's what you want to do. Talking of lovely people here's some of you. Including my good friend Dan Bonham whose birthday it was last Thursday. You may recognise him as the lead singer with the Waheys. Here we go. I'm in my stride now and here is young Tom Obrien with his new sound made possible by the assistance of the ever reserved Nick.
They don't come meaner than Loop the modfathers of rock. Actually those Loop guys aren't really mean. They are actually nice guys in disguise only worried about whether I'm gonna make them look fat in photographs.
By eck and ecky thump it's those Radicus boys again. I say again because they played a blinding set at the grass roots festival earlier in the year. Fast and furious.
Well here at Unity towers we've had to rearrange the desks. Business is booming and we've lots to do in the Unity Office. Bands to interview, letters to write and gigs to organise. We've got loads of new acts in the pipeline and quite a few old favourites. You can get a sneak preview of some acts we've already booked by having a peek here. Now if I can just persuade Shaggy and Tasha to go back to their own desks instead of leaning over my shoulder saying "write this " and "You should say that" we can get on.

Take it easy mes Enfants

Mike Da Hat (back in the Unity Office)

PS If you've photos of the Muddy gig l;ast Saturday and you'd like to see them on the site send them to the office via my link. Cheers.

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