Friday, September 01, 2006

The Muddy Tour Home Coming

On paper it had to one of the best Unity nights ever, with four great acts on stage. Of course all you lovely people agreed and turned out in force to welcome the returning heros fresh from their world tour. So first, as is becoming customary, here are all you wonderful people Fresh from the killing fields of Prussia and on stage for your delight and delectation the awesome, the terrifying, the terrible, evil Kaiser Wilhelm II who played you a few tunes.
Racing straight out of the trenches Point of Origin followed the Evil one at a respectful distance.
Here's Opaque with new bass guitarist Chopper so called because he has a big pe pe pe pe personality disorder. So he fits in nicely at Unity then.

Hoorah and hoozar it's those circus boys again

Over on the Unity Myspace we've got this cute little gig guide for you so you can see weeks in advance who's playing. Now summer is just about spent here at Unity Towers we is working really hard to bring you some of the finest music.

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