Friday, September 29, 2006

Thursday 28th September 2006

We got ourselves some Librarians in the house. Who were very patient while the power went off. In fact they kept on playing acoustically for a while. Now that's professionalism for you. Either that or they're like the Duracell bunnies when you switch them on you can't stop them. No power cuts, darkness, nothing will stop these guys from their quest to entertain. Brilliant.We've been waiting a long time to get these next dudes on stage at Unity and finally it happened. Well worth the wait. if you missed them, I'm sorry but you missed a treat. But you can still check them out here and have a listen.
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Good Golly Miss Molly, we're really excited about the up and coming Zodiac Party on the 7th October. That's a Saturday BTW. We've got the fabulous Tarantism headlining, also headlining the incomparable MrZed then, fresh from saving the world, our very good friend Corneilius, we can't keep these boys away it seems we've secured the services of Radicus again. Finally the fifth headlining band (yes they're all headliners as far as we're concerned) Our very good friends Buckle St. They can run but they can't hide. They thought they'd sneak off to London but we're dragging them back kicking and screaming to play for you. DJ's for the event will be DJ Lookwood, Urb and Hawkeye. Can you possibly cope with so much excitement?

Take it easy dudes

The Unity Team

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