Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bar Lisboa Sat 25th March 2006

The Muddy Promotions Equinox party at Bar Lisboa. Here are a few of the bands who played. BB and Juzzt
All the way from Cambridge, Colonel Bastard. In parts politically incorrect but don't we just love that.
Los Guys. Not at all what I expected when I saw them limbering up for the big one. So no "arriba arriba andele andele" or Speedy Gonzales references. Sorry Speedy Gonzales was a mexican mouse long before you were born... it's a long story... don't ask
Shaggy must have told me the name of this band at least three times and three times I think "What?" So now James and Lee have put me right it's Tagunska Butterfly.
Also from Cambridge but I can't recall the name, look I was having a bad day alright? But isn't that young James Chadwick in the picture top right of the montage below. See redeemed myself. That was close.
Hells teeth it gets worse I can't remember the name of this band either. But they had an interesting sound mixing mandolin with a medieval sounding clarinetty thingy and acoustic bass. OK it's Karmadillo and the Mandolin is a Charango.
You see there's a conspiracy going on. This is soul flower. Except the last time I saw them they were "The groove Cartel" now it's "Soulflower" again. Will someone tell me what's going on. My good friend said to me "Aren't they nice. That lead singer is a very nice man. So's the bass player." Sorry guys, the last time a girl referred to me as being nice she went off with my best friend. Looks like your sex life is going to be history now.
What every one was waiting for, "Tarantism", with their sound system set, to finish off the live acts section of the event. They got you lot dancing that's for sure.

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