Friday, March 24, 2006

Thursday 23rd March 2006

Tonight the entire evening was guest presented by James of Point 7 Pistol. Wake agreed to appear at short notice due to a regretable absence of Cougar Bob. Followed by half of Acer doing their acoustic set.

Finally James himself on stage with Point 7 Pistol.

This weeks guest photographers.
This week we had two guest photographers, Nathan from Circus, and Kizzy, and they were busy, a total of 186 photos taken with the little camera. As usual there were some bizarre pics taken. Quite a few were excellent. Especially Kizzys pics of Acer, where she got close up and personal.

If you'd like a try at being guest photographer, most people have said how much they enjoyed it, talk to Mike Da Hat.
So we have had guest photographers, guest artists, guest presenters. The next thing I guess would be guest compere, someone who introduces the bands, does the links and the inbetween shouting. I wonder what the powers that be will think of that idea.
If you've got any ideas talk to Richard or Shaggy.
Rock on dudes

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