Friday, March 31, 2006

Unity 30/03/06

You know there's times in your life when you sit back and think to yourself "It doesn't get much better than this." And then it does.This is what's happening at Unity. We keep thinking it can't get any better than this and it does time and time again. You've had James Chadwick (Who allegedly has turned violent, head butting someone, and has turned to the Dark Side - See chat box)now you have the supreme talent and voice that is Andy Whittle. Who it seems hasn't head butted anyone yet. But give him time. This is what rock and roll stardom does to people...

Someone pointed out to me that this was the first time people have sat on the floor at Unity and just listened.
But we weren't on the floor for long because next up was the ever improving Point Of Origin. Now with Abi on vocals. I'm sorry but this week is NOT going to be an Abi fest of photos. It's all about the band as a whole. Each member contributing their undeniable talent to the complete sound. I've never heard such applause for one act at Unity as we did tonight.
Finally Vince et al rounded up the live section of the night as Circus.

Here's a few of the people who were lucky enough to be here tonight.

There wasn't a guest photographer this week as Lisa forgot. She promises to get her act together for next week. Italians eh?
Men. Don't expect any help on a Thursday.

Rock on mes enfants. A bien tot.

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