Monday, March 06, 2006

The Brewery Tap

I know a lot of you came along to the brewery tap on Saturday night. We weren't disappointed. Point of Origin played to packed house and a final standing ovation.

Their unique style, a bit of reggae a bit of rap a bit of everything, hit a chord with everyone present.

Then Opaque fresh from their London triumph at the CafĂ© de Paris last week, delivered a run through of their new long player, "The Last Moustache". Available now. Price £10, but apparently that's negotiable. Those of us who made it to London got ours included in the entry price of £8, so yah boo sucks. It really is a good album and well worth a listen.

So go and collar Moony to score your own copy, you wont regret it. Also on stage with Opaque, as guest Electric Violinist, the lovely Alison. Can we start a campaign to get them to use her more on stage? She is a total asset.

Point of Origin have released an EP available for the pawltry sum of just £3. Yours to keep forever, for just over the price of a pint. Got to be worth it.
Rock on dudes, and may your God be with you.
Peace, love and Unity

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