Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pixie Skin 29/03/06

Yet again Emma has put together a lovely nights entertainment for the monthly Pixie Skin bash. Great music, laid back and mellow.
First up from Circus, Vince and Nathan.
The Round Corners. That's Elgin, Alison, Nathan and Jimmy D on drums to you.
Here's Abi and Stacey, trying out a few new songs for Point of Origin never before heard live on stage. We were treated to the Dana Wylie Band. So that's Dana Wylie on Piano, Mandolin and vocal and occasional guitar. Jeremy Hellard Drums Guitar Harmonica and vocals and Corin Wright on double bass.
Finally Dave Simpson who waited patiently to the end when he had only enough time for a couple of songs. But they were worth waiting for. Very nice understated and precise guitar playing.

Mike Da Hat

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