Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Opaque Photo Shoot

On a very cold day the other week we all went to the funfair to do a photo shoot for Opaque. I've done lot's of live pics for them so why not dead ones? Moony gave permission for me to show you these straight away. This is one of the fun ones I shot. I knew the guy who ran the ride and he let us use it without charging us the £1.50 per person.
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This one was taken while Moony was actually playing "Saucisson" on guitar. Really. In the middle of a funfair. He had to stop when his fingers got so cold he couldn't play anymore. So I photo shopped this one. Giving the blurry Opaque look. This could be the first time Moony has seen this.

You may notice on the right hand side a new feature. The Unity Forum, for you to discuss anything. I've given over charge of this feature for now to Shaggy and Tasha, complete with passwords and everything. There's only so much I can do myself. If they don't have time there's an opportunity for someone to be the forum webmaster, overseeing the forum. A bit of web savvy is useful, enthusiasm essential. There's not much to see right now but we'll get there. It just needs YOU to be part of it.

Peace love and may your God be with you

Mike Da Hat

iPod now playing- There's more to love by Opaque

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