Monday, March 20, 2006

Battle of the Bands Heat 1

Point of Origin left the competition standing with their intelligent and increasingly tight sound. Their multiple layers of keyboard, flute, guitar, bass and vocals was overwhelming, leaving the opposition little room in the competition. A well deserved win.
But that's not to say the other bands weren't any good. The Waheys a fun band, full of energy, and high velocity rock, even if they did (jokingly) encourage hooliganism. It was just unfortunate for them they were drawn against Point of Origin. In another week and another line up they might have won. Full marks for attitude and fun.

Finally we had Fake Exterior, who were loud. Very loud. God! I'm getting old. Someone else who loves thrash metal should do the write up for this. They sounded great from outside. We've got guest photographers, perhaps we should have guest reviewers. Anyone fancy themselves as a rock Journalist? Apply here.

Seriously if you've got something constructive/interesting/humourous to say. Then we want to hear from you. First step on the ladder an all that. Here in Peterborough we have the musical talent, why not journalistic talent as well? Get writing and send your copy to Mike Da Hat, link top right.
Finally check out The Evening Telegraph, Wednesday or Thursday, pix from the battle of the bands will be appearing. I don't know which, I just take the photos. It's in the hands of the Gods or would that be Duncan Hall.

Rock on dudes

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