Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sunday Unity Acoustic

Unity Acoustic is bedding in very nicely at Bar Lisboa. It's so much more relaxed. Tonight at Unity we had on stage the wonderful Rory Kelly from South Africa. Actually he was originally from Zimbabwe. He used to stuff live snakes down his shorts as a kid and take them home. That's how hard he is. Until one bit him in the balls. So he took up guitar instead of snake hunting. That's him inbetween Mike Da hat and Delbert Montage who's on acoustic bass. Yes I know you're thinking "Mike Da Hat he's a photographer." Well Mike Da Hat was playing guitar whilst you were all in nappies. Tonights photos were taken by Luke of Glass Onion and Muddy promotions fame. Mike Da Hat couldn't take photos of himself now could he? Yes I know he's a leg end. But he can't do miracles. On stage after Rory was Irene Rae. She came just to chill out but ended up playing a blinding set. Then it was RKG the Rory Kelly Group so called because they couldn't think of another name. Although "The Plebs" was mentioned. Featuring the aforementioned Rory Kelly, Delbert Montage and Mike Da hat. You may notice a photo that was obviously not taken at Bar Lisboa, that was "The Plebs" being Billy two gigs, playing earlier at Goodbarns Yard Charity day. To round off the evening "Istari" played featuring Mike Da Hats Daughter, Abi, with Richard and Terena on tin whistle. That was Terena on tin whistle not Richard he was on guitar. The highlight being their rendition of Gnarls Barkleys "Crazy". The fun continues next week. Be there or... be somewhere else.

Rock on dudes.

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