Friday, August 11, 2006

Unity 10th August 2006

First off we at Unity have to thank our good friends "Sidearm" for organising such a great evening entertainment. Really it was nothing to do with us. They asked us if they could bring along their own support bands and put on a show, they organised the lot. Leaving us with just the background work to do.We'd also like to thank each and everyone of you (Audience) for showing your support and making this night one of the best ever. So here you all are. Well maybe not ALL. The first of "Sidearms" support acts was Deny The Accident. What can I say a fusion of Anarchic jazz punk and metal, with incredible energy. Jaw droppingly good. Although to be fair your Grandmother probably wouldn't like it even if they managed to persuade that lovely Val Doonican to do guest vocals. But it seemed we all loved them and we went wild.
Hang on! Give a chap a chance to take breath. The next band on stage "Aotea". More high energy manic madness this time with drum machine keeping some sort of order. The guitarists bouncing around the stage like the balls of a pin ball machine. I think they had a bit of equipment trouble, witness guitarist kicking ten bells out of the pedal rack. But who cared? They were great.
When I first read that "Sidearm" were due to play Unity tonight I was very excited. We've seen them a few times before and everytime they put in 100% effort. In a lot of bands there's the lead or front man and the rest are shoe gazers not so with any of the bands tonight and especially not so with Sidearm. Each one perfectly capable of taking the part of front man, in fact they seem to take turns, it's all very egalitarian. Now what happens to a band when they've toured for a few weeks and played everynight? They get better, they get tighter, more professional. "Sidearm" proved this point tonight. Even their trademark drum changeover went slickly without dropping a beat. What a show they put on. I can honestly say we haven't had a Unity night that had three bands with such enthusiasm, energy and entertainment value.

Rock on dudes

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