Friday, August 04, 2006

Unity 03/08/06

Unity rocks. It really did tonight. We only had two acts on stage tonight but they were great. But first we've got you guys who make all this possible. Here's a montage of some of the people, including a lot of new friends, who made it. The up and coming "Quarto and" You may notice the bass player of "Quarto And" as the very same one from Unity favourites "Dakota". So it's Danny on guitar and vocals ripping it up whilst for some strange reason they gave video cam duties to their drummer. Now anyone can hold a camera. But not anyone can play drums as well as their video camera man. When he finally did come on stage for their last song they rocked. Pretty damned good before but with the drummer it was certainly turned up a notch.
Following "Quarto And" we had on the Unity stage "The Fun Machines" (as recommended by The Evil One) The highlight (for me anyway) was their blistering performance of Led Zepellins "whole lotta love", fantastic.

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